For more than 30 years, Alice Heiserman has led Write Books Right. She has worked with the following types of clients:

Alice Heiserman, your new book doctor

Alice Heiserman, your new book doctor

♦ more than four dozen writers (including new authors, and those publishing e-books)
♦ non-profit and government organizations
♦ associations
♦ politicians
♦ lawyers and legal experts
♦ women's issues experts
♦ doctors and health/fitness specialists
♦ sociologists and criminologists
♦ self-realization and spirituality gurus
♦ motivational speakers
♦ non-native English speakers

This work has included: 
► ghostwriting
helping prepare books for self-publication or for an agent
► serving as a book agent
► editing and updating of manuscripts
► advising and restructuring of manuscripts [developmental editing]
► rewriting discordant passages
► researching content and fact-checking
► preparing back-of-book indexing--not concordance creation
► developing course content
► creating marketing materials
► reviewing website content


Additionally, Alice has authored several published books. 
- Your Future in More Exotic Careers
- Opportunities in Paralegal Careers (multiple editions)
- Women in Science
- Women in Engineering
- Characteristics of Post Secondary Vocational School Programs

Several other books are in progress:
- Global Vocal– a jumble type of puzzle [in progress]  Versions in Russian, French, Spanish, Yiddish
- Messianic Dreams [in progress]
- With a Tear and a Kiss [in progress]
- Flourishing Female [in progress]