Alice has great expertise and background in assisting someone trying to get their book project published. She was absolutely fantastic in working with me on my book project and I truly appreciated her patience, caring and positive attitude, and always motivating me we would get the book done. Alice has a great sense of humor and her feedback, edits, and recommendations were awesome! I am truly elated to be working on my second book project with her!! She's the "BEST"!!
- Lonnie Jackson, Director, Office of Minority Services at Oregon Youth Authority

  Every successful person has someone in their history that has served as a “helping hand” by providing inspiration and helpful advice. Their is no doubt in my mind that Alice Heiserman serves as that person for many. In our work and friendship, she has provided very sound, well thought out, ideas for professional and personal development. We have published books and articles together and there is no doubt, if desired, we could solve the world’s problems. I have been extremely grateful for our relationship. Her expertise and guidance is the kind of thing every aspiring writer should have available.
- Eugene Atherton, Correctional Consultant, Former Warden.

  I have had the honor of knowing Alice Heiserman for nearly 18 years. I am a correctional author and trainer, and have written over 60 journal articles and blog entries as well as 10 books about corrections.  My publishers include the American Correctional Association, Carolina Academic Press, and Pearson Prentice Hall. My writings are based on over 27 years of working in corrections.

  Alice has helped me tremendously through the years with many of these projects.   Due to her many years of working in research and publications at the American Correctional Association, she has a practical, keen and informative insight about corrections and the
ability to edit, proof and improve any written material in a variety of topics.  Any writer who enlists her help will not be disappointed. She has a natural ability to take a fresh look at material and greatly improve it.  She is thorough, disciplined, and pays great attention to
detail.  I recommend her highly for assisting anyone who is writing for publication.
- Gary Cornelius, Correctional Trainer